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Oct 13, 2020· The problem is that there is so much space between our solar system and other solar systems. It is very expensive in both resources and time to get anywhere outside of our solar system. It would take so long that the chances of something going wrong are so exponential.

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Oct 04, 2020· Understand this. The Milky Way Galaxy is the cluster of stars where our Solar System is located about two-thirds out from its center. Our solar system which you show in your question is just a bit over 4 billion years old. You and I are sitting on the third rock from the Sun. It's called Earth.

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i bought new rechargable batteries for my solar lights

Jun 18, 2011· Garden lights have small solar panels so the ni-mh batteries probably wont charge up fully unless it is a sunny day. Leaving them out in the hot sun might damage them but

Advantages of Solar Wall Lights? | Yahoo Answers

Aug 17, 2020· Advantages of Solar Wall Lights? Answer Save. 2 Answers. 2 months ago. Gives you light when the sun's out. Just when you don't need it, in fact. 2 0. Still have questions? Get answers by asking now. Ask question + 100. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Join. Trending questions. Trending questions. Lisa has 7 yards of material

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Apr 03, 2008· solar powered lights? i was looking for a solar powered light for the front of my house but i want a wall light.ive looked in all the main stores;argos wickes etc but cant any.anyone know where i can get one from?

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How many light years is Voyager 1 from earth? | Yahoo

Sep 18, 2011· The magnitude of the Sun from Voyager 1 is −16.4, or the dimmest as seen from any of the five space probes leaving the Solar System. Radio signals traveling at the speed of light between Voyager 1 and Earth take 16.12 hours to cross the distance between the two.

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Oct 20, 2008· check to see the battery status rather then relying on the light to turn green, this does not indicate a full charge, leave the battery in the laptop all the time, but use a mains adapter whenever possible, later generation of batteries do not need to be fully discharged to be recharged in fact this will actually shorten the life of the battery - to get the most from your battery use the power

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Apr 08, 2010· Yeah, cheap ones will. It's to do with the colour rendering of the lamp. Fluorescent lamps don't give out a full spectrum of light, they may appear to give out white light but it actually has large parts of the visible spectrum missing. cheap fluorescent lights lack a significant part of the red spectrum which is why your skin will look pale and your hair will look lifeless.

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Why do Solar Lights have an On/Off Switch? | Yahoo

Aug 02, 2010· I have many like that. it likely does not mean they charge faster...most of em turn off until darker out. But if yours DO stay on, then they will charge faster. I often turn many of mine off at night as I have LOTS in my yard and dont want em on all the time. Also handy if you live somewhere with a cold winter and you take am inside.

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Jul 22, 2009· Favourite answer Your Solar Light's ability to charge and sustain light at night is directly proportional to how much sunlight it gets during the day. They are very portable therefore can be moved...


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Can light be used as a force or to do a work? | Yahoo

May 18, 2010· A solar car takes light energy and transforms it into mechanical energy via the solar cell. It can also do it more directly, through heating. If you heat gas molecules (by exposing them to light), they will move much more rapidly... you've turned light energy into kinetic energy. There is a measurable displacement of the gas particles.

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Aug 26, 2010· Moons do orbit the sunlight, as do all different bodies in what's defined because the "image voltaic gadget" (the heavenly bodies which orbit our sunlight). it is only that the end results of gravity right away degrades with distance (that being suggested, the consequences of gravity, notwithstanding small are nonetheless felt at very large distances in a lot of astrophysics

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how do solar powered garden lamps work? | Yahoo Answers

Mar 31, 2011· For the solar power to charge the lights do I need to have them on "off" ? Or will having it set to off mean that the solar power won't work. Or do the lamps just need a few days of sunlight. So I guess my question is, do I leave the switch set at on or off. The lights are working now that I have turned the switch to on.

How long does a 100watt solar panel take to charge a

Jul 17, 2014· When using charge controller then it will never goes under 25% of the charge then you have to fill up 75%. If you got light with 100watt solar panel

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How do I connect solar panels to a light bulb? | Yahoo

Dec 04, 2016· For a project me and my friend need to make a solar powered lamp and we know nothing about solar electricity. What do we need to do this and what do we do. The lamp is about a meter tall and we plan on using a 60 watt light bulb. We want to use a series of small solar cells or panels rather than one large one, the panel needs to be displayed on the lamp.

is it ok to leave solar lights out in the - Yahoo Answers

Jul 12, 2007· you can leave solar lights out in the winter but you will not have much sunlight in the winter so it's best to bring them in and remove the batteries when spring comes you can recharge the batteries with an electric charger an install them in the solar lights and the sun will then recharge the batteries as usual

Will Solar Lights Work Year Around? | Yahoo Answers

Nov 21, 2019· 14 Answers. Relevance. Ronald 7. Lv 7. 10 months ago. Solar powered lights work by daylight. Photo Voltaic Cells work by collecting light, not heat. Even on a dull day they still pass a charge. Even in the Winter there still is enough daylight for them to work.

Home made solar lights.? | Yahoo Answers

Jun 29, 2011· I recently saw the tail end of a program on the discovery channel. A guy somewhere in Asia was installing solar powered lights for the poor and needy. The lights were 2Lt Coke or Pepsi bottles filled 2 thirds with water and a chemical or chemicals. They were then installed in the roof with about half the bottle exposed to the sun. These bottles produce about the same light as a 55 watt bulb

My calculator is solar powered -how do i - Yahoo

Sep 25, 2008· Modern "solar" calculators do not charge their batteries, if they even have any. The thinking is, that you would need to have light in order to read the calculator, and if there was light, the...

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Feb 28, 2007· Turn off the lights to the classroom, and turn on the flashlight to represent the Sun shining on Earth. Pick a spot on the Earth to be where the classroom is. The student holding Earth rotates Earth about its axis (ignore the revolution about the sun). Note how the chosen point enters phases of light and dark as the Earth rotates. Solar Eclipse:

what are 5 examples of heat energy? | Yahoo Answers

Apr 02, 2012· The biggest example of heat energy in our solar system is the sun itself. The sun radiates heat to warm us up one the planet earth. When the burner of

What is the surface-charge density on each - Yahoo

Feb 15, 2008· A parallel-plate air capacitor with a capacitance of 240pF has a charge of magnitude 0.146uC on each plate. The plates have a separation of 0.367 mm. A) What is the potential difference between the plates? B) What is the area of each plate? Use 8.854×10−12 F/m for the permittivity of free space. C) What is the electric field magnitude between the plates?

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Can solar lights be charged from indoor - Yahoo Answers

Feb 10, 2011· I am using solar yard lights in table centerpieces. All the solar lights are being charged on my dining room table. I put 2 LED household bulbs (60 watt equivalent) in the dining room light fixture, leaving the lights on from 6 am to 9 pm daily. The solar lights are charged. They light up when I turned off the overhead light & are still running

Do Garden Solar Lights still charge - Yahoo Answers UK

May 06, 2011· Do Garden Solar Lights still charge whilst turned off? I am having a garden party and wanted to make sure that if I turned them off the night before whether they would still charge before the party. I want the longest amount of light.

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How long do solar lights have to charge? | Yahoo Answers

Oct 06, 2009· However, a full charge might not be required. If the lights will energize to a useful light level for 1 hour with just a 50% charge on the battery, then 50% of the full charge time is required to provide 1 hour of illumination. If 10 hours of illumination is required, then more than 50% full charge

Batteries in garden solar lights? - Yahoo Answers UK

Oct 29, 2012· If you can ensure the battery can be charged by the solar panel, just leave them in the lights. The battery is out of power for more than 30days, the battery can not be

How long does it take for new solar lights - Yahoo

Jun 01, 2011· I bought 5 glass solar lights to put in our walkway and they still haven't turn on. I put them in on Sunday and it has been overcast since Sunday. Yesterday was a very bright and sunny day so I thought they would go on last night for sure but they didn't. Does it usually take this long for them to get enough charge to turn on for the first time?

Do you leave solar power lights out in - Yahoo

Sep 21, 2009· Landscaping a garden is a excellent possibility to produce your ideal space. It’s the setting you dwell in and this is the explanation why this guide is created so you can make the perfect garden.. Whether you’re sitting outdoors sipping drinks , letting a pet run free of charge off the leash , building a tree home for kids or grandchildren , attempting a lifelong

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